Show Announcements March 8th, April 23rd

We have two shows scheduled right now.

We will be playing at the Beachland Ballroom with our good friends The Family Riot, and soon to be good friends, DoHM on March 8th.  This is the CD release show for The Family Riot and you don’t want to miss these crazy M’Fers when they hit the stage.  But seriously, don’t look Joe directly in the eye when he is playing guitar because he has been known to melt some portion of a fan’s brain in the past.  If only he could use his powers for good.  If only.


We are also playing April 23rd with Run Run Run from California, at the Grog Shop.  It is another Wednesday show, which I know you don’t all love, but hey, what else were you going to do on a Wednesday night?  You might as well come out to the greatest little rock club in the HISTORY of Cleveland rock music.  (Somebody better tell the Euclid Tavern the bad news.)

No ticket info yet for that one, but keep clicking this link for TicketBastard to check.

Hope to see you all there.

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