The Canterbury Effect Are Back!

When you fall in love with a record, you expect to continue supporting that band for at least another album or two. I felt that way with The Canterbury Effect and their record, “En Exercise in Humility.” They followed it up with an EP in 2003 called “Every Piece of Me” and then promptly disappeared off the face of the earth.

That is, until now.

The Canterbury Effect have followed up their tragically short (for me, anyway) EP with a full length album. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but I listened to some tracks from their Myspace and it sounds just as good as some previous stuff by them. I bought it. I will let you know about it when I hear it.

For now, you can check out some tracks at their myspace by clicking here.

Or, you can buy the older stuff that I referenced above, by clicking below. You will find a lot of decent prices in the used section, or you can put some real money back in their pockets by buying it new.

Craig From the Company Line at Peabody’s

I will be doing a singular tune with my former guitar teacher at Peabody’s Downunder in Cleveland on Friday December 21st. Please join me there for the free show and hear me play one of The Company Line’s new songs “Raising Stakes” all by myself, with a bit of help during the second part from KB from KB and the Riptides.

It will be a short deal for me, personally, but KB’s shows never disappoint.

Show starts at 7:00 and I have no idea what time I am going on to do my song.

The Company Line PracticeCast 2007-12-09

Here is the latest practice, wherein The Company Line goes through a 45 minute set in preparation for a future show on December 29th in Lakewood, Ohio at the HiFi club.  Check it out as this is a two mic setup to capture the practice.  Not too much chatter.  I think there are 8 or 9 songs.

Raising Stakes Full Band Rough Demo

Here is a rough version of the full band version of Raising Stakes. This was just a mic set up in our practice space. Todd has a little vocal part at the end that you can’t hear all that well. I also was screaming a bit at the end because I thought that was the best way to sing it. On further review, I think I am doing more of a clean singing vocal on all future versions. I like the way it sounds in a Dave Grohl kind of growl, but it roaches the shit out of my voice and I don’t know that it adds anything. The band agrees for the most part that it should be a clean vocal, but we would be open to listening to some of your arguments if you have one.


Til next time, click the little play button to hear the tune.

Big Things Coming Soon

The Company Line has been working hard and we might have a payoff here in the next couple of days.  We haven’t played a show in almost a year, but we are looking to get our asses back out on the stage and it looks like we will have a show announcement soon.  Also, just to show you what kind of lack of rock star status we have, I will tell you that we have practice today, Sunday at 11:00 AM.

I thought rock and roll was about sex, drugs and debauchery.  Not in The Company Line.  My text to Mike the drummer last night was “See you tomorrow.  I will brew the coffee.”

Show me your metal fingers.

Hello Again

Welcome to The Company Line 2.0

We have been gone for a year. We lost our drummer. We found a new one, who just happens to be a swell, and keen fellow.

We have been working on new stuff including the video I am going to include below. It is just a rough take that I did in my house by myself. Hope you enjoy it and I hope it whets the appetite for all the new stuff to come.

Until next time,


The Company Line