The Company Line PracticeCast 2007-12-09

Here is the latest practice, wherein The Company Line goes through a 45 minute set in preparation for a future show on December 29th in Lakewood, Ohio at the HiFi club.  Check it out as this is a two mic setup to capture the practice.  Not too much chatter.  I think there are 8 or 9 songs.

Raising Stakes Full Band Rough Demo

Here is a rough version of the full band version of Raising Stakes. This was just a mic set up in our practice space. Todd has a little vocal part at the end that you can’t hear all that well. I also was screaming a bit at the end because I thought that was the best way to sing it. On further review, I think I am doing more of a clean singing vocal on all future versions. I like the way it sounds in a Dave Grohl kind of growl, but it roaches the shit out of my voice and I don’t know that it adds anything. The band agrees for the most part that it should be a clean vocal, but we would be open to listening to some of your arguments if you have one.


Til next time, click the little play button to hear the tune.