Raising Stakes Full Band Rough Demo

Here is a rough version of the full band version of Raising Stakes. This was just a mic set up in our practice space. Todd has a little vocal part at the end that you can’t hear all that well. I also was screaming a bit at the end because I thought that was the best way to sing it. On further review, I think I am doing more of a clean singing vocal on all future versions. I like the way it sounds in a Dave Grohl kind of growl, but it roaches the shit out of my voice and I don’t know that it adds anything. The band agrees for the most part that it should be a clean vocal, but we would be open to listening to some of your arguments if you have one.


Til next time, click the little play button to hear the tune.


  1. Note for Craig Lyndall:

    Hi Craig, this is Mikka form Germany. I am desperately looking for the song “follow the format” from taking back sunday. A few minutes ago i found your article “Taking Back Sunday – New Album” (April 08, 2004) on BC magazine. on which 7”, EP, sampler can I find this song. I’m putting up a CD with rare b-sides of my brothers favourite bands (X-mas present), this is the last song which is missing… Hope you can help me out.


    Best – Mikka

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find that song. Good luck finding it though. I hope you find someone who can help you out.

    I took a look around and didn’t see that song anywhere online.

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